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2024 Crowley Innovation Expo

What is the Crowley Innovation Expo?

The Crowley Innovation Expo is an open industry event where startups pitch to enterprise leaders, venture capital firms, and the local community to drive a culture of innovation throughout the industry.

Next Event: October 2024

Meet new startups

We will bring in favored startups from the supply chain technology, mobility, advanced energy, and sustainability verticals.

Tap into the
latest market trends

Learn about emerging technologies, hear from community leaders, and identify ways to incorporate startups in our community.

Networking with brilliant minds

Meet and develop relationships with companies, startups, venture capital firms, and Crowley leaders.

Building the Future, One Innovation at a Time.

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2023 Innovation Expo at a Glance

In 2023, our Innovation Team at Crowley hosted their first Innovation Expo. This event gave access to the latest market trends, accelerated deal flows, and provided connections between startups, local industry leaders, and Crowley innovators. We showcased 27 startups from 5 different countries in the following verticals: Sustainability, Supply Chain Tech, Advanced Energy and Mobility as well as 279 people from Crowley and our local community.

Are you interested in pitching your company to leaders & investors or sponsor opportunities?