Shipping and Logistics



Contact Information

Byron Ardon, Warehouse Supervisor
Direct 502-2210-5511

• Pool point distribution
• Consolidation/deconsolidation
• Cross-docking
• Storage
• Distribution
• Relabeling and repacking
• Sorting/pick and pack
• Customs Bond facility
• Clearance/documentation

Warehouse Features
• 21,186 square feet
• Trailer-height loading dock
• Palletized cargo racking
• Convenient access to/from port
• Located close to downtown area and the airport with direct access to roads that connect the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean ports

Internior Bodega 5
Almacenadora del País, S.A. (ALPASA)
Avenida Petapa 55-38 Zona 12,
Guatemala, Guatemala.

Guatemala Distribution Center