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Main Plant/Bulk Fuel Facility

Offering a storage capacity of 2.48 million gallons
1076 Jacobsen Dr.

Juneau, AK 99801

+1 (907) 586-1276 

Douglas Depot Cardlock Gas Station
1017 Third Street
Douglas, AK 99824
Featuring two dispensers and four filling stations
Hours: Open 24/7/365

Lemon Creek Card Lock Station
5631 Glacier Highway 
Juneau, AK 99801
Featuring 12 hoses, including seven high-flow diesel dispensers 
Hours: Open 24/7/365

Marine Fuel Dock

Serves vessels of all sizes and is an off-loading facility for fuel shipments

Taku Oil Sales was founded in 1953 by Clarence E. Jacobsen, and has been a well-known and respected local fuel company serving Juneau for more than 60 years. Taku joined the Crowley family of companies in 2013 and today supply a wide variety of fuel products to residents and commercial businesses year-round in Juneau.

With two retail gas stations, a marine fuel dock and a bulk plant, Crowley is equipped to serve the fishing, education, construction, entertainment, logging, shipping, mining and transportation industries with reliable fuel and heating products. Alaskans know Crowley for quality, reliability and competitive prices. 


  • Home heating oil
  • Bulk diesel
  • Bulk gasoline
  • Marine diesel
  • Aviation fuels (Jet—A and AV100LL)


  • Distribution and sale of oil and petroleum products
  • Commercial and consumer heating oil delivery
  • Bulk gasoline fuel delivery services to local service stations
  • Bulk diesel delivery for businesses
  • Aviation fuel (bulk tank delivery)


Emergency/After Hours (for keep-full customers only): (907) 419-8215/8216

Fred Parish, Terminal Manager: (907) 586-1276

Scott Mulvihill, Director of Marine Terminals: (907) 434-1901

Walt Tague, Director of Commercial Operations (Sales): (907) 777-5563

Douglas Depot - (907) 586-1276

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