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St. Mary’s Fuel Delivery and Services

LOCATION: PO Box 174, Saint Mary’s, AK 99658
MAIN OFFICE: 866-770-5587
FAX: +1 (907) 438-2594

OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm
Closed for one hour for lunch

St. Mary’s Fuel Products

Heating fuel, Jet A and AV100LL aviation fuel, unleaded gasoline.

St. Mary’s Fuel Services

Gas station, Commercial and home heating fuel delivery, Tank farm

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash, local credit account, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards. Cash sales are only from 10am to 2pm.

Crowley Fuels is pleased to serve our neighbors in St. Mary’s with a range of fuel products and services for home and business, including aviation fuels, heating fuel and gasoline. Our Saint Mary’s tank farm holds 420,000 gallons of petroleum products to meet the needs of the local community. Our friendly, experienced, local team in St. Mary’s is dedicated to providing high-quality fuels, reliable service, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

Giving Back to St. Mary’s

We live and work here, alongside the people and businesses we serve. We understand the importance of supporting the communities where we do business and demonstrate this commitment to the community in various ways.

Crowley Fuels salutes the men and women on the front lines keeping our communities healthy and safe. Military and first responders can receive a special discount on heating fuel, our way of saying THANK YOU. Contact Crowley Fuels today to learn more and sign up.


Get in Touch with Our Team of Experts

Helpful Heating Fuel Resources

Crowley Fuels offers a wealth of resources for Alaska customers and website visitors. Some resources include:

Crowley: A Great Place to Work

Crowley Fuels Alaska is always on the hunt for great people to join the Crowley team in St. Mary’s and beyond.