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Aviation Fuels

Reliable, High-Quality Aviation Fuels and Services

Wherever your flight plans take you in the state of Alaska, Crowley is committed to providing commercial, government and individual pilots with the highest quality of fuel for their aircraft. All of our fuels meet exacting standards and are followed by our seasoned professionals through the supply chain from their point of refinement and into our storage tanks where they are routinely monitored and tested for quality.

We have convenient, 24-hour self-service aviation fuel card lock stations; staffed, public aviation fuel terminals, and a fuel terminal network with a total storage capacity of nearly 30 million combined gallons of Jet A and AV 100LL which the company supplies to airports, individual operators, airlines, other distributors and general aviation in many communities.


  • Avgas 100 LL – fuel for spark ignition piston engine-powered aircraft
  • Jet A Fuel – Kerosene-type fuel for compression ignition of turbine engine aircraft.
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Aviation Lubricants and Greases


  • Marine transportation of Avgas to shoreline docks for seaplanes/floatplanes
  • Airport delivery into wing, tank or belly

Statewide Availability

Airport/Strip Location Jet A Avgas Cardlock Airport Delivery Contact
Anchorage-Merrill Field X X X X 907-222-3000
Anchorage-Lake Hood X X X 907-222-3000
Aniak X X X 907-675-4525
Bethel X X X 907-543-2421
Delta Junction X X 907-895-4515
Fairbanks X X X X 907-328-4500
Ft Yukon X X 907-662-2408
Galena X X X 907-656-1852
Glennallen X X X 907-822-3375
Hooper Bay X 907-758-4007
Juneau X X X 907-586-1276
Kenai X X X X 907-283-4542
Ketchikan X X X 907-225-2163
Kotzebue X X X 907-442-3211
Nome X X X 907-443-2219
Palmer X X X 907-745-3776
St Mary’s X X X 907-438-2593
Talkeetna X X X 907-733-2620
Valdez X X X 907-835-4558
Wasilla X X X X 907-222-3000
Willow X X X 907-222-3000