Integrity Environmental’s Alaska Women in Fuels Voting

Six women who help Crowley Fuels succeed have been nominated for their industry contributions as part Integrity Environmental’s Alaska Women in Fuels campaign. The winner will be chosen based on likes and shares on Facebook and LinkedIn – and our Crowley teams can show support for their nominations. 

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Catalina Iputi

Catalina Iputi is a local delivery driver for Crowley Fuels. She has worked in the fuels industry for over two years. She started working for Crowley as a service order clerk in Juneau, then she became a tank farm operator, overseeing the day-to-day operations and equipment. She got her Class A CDL earlier this year and relocated to Crowley’s Fairbanks Terminal for her current position.

Catalina is proud to be a female CDL holder and delivery truck driver, knowing that women only make up 7.89% of the country’s Class A Commercial drivers. What she likes most about her current position is that she is part of a growing statistic that represents, not only women, but the Alaska Native community. “Every completed workday means another part of the road paved for future women in trades, and a pathway to a more inclusive world for my younger sister. That’s what makes me proud of what I do.”

Catalina’s advice for other women considering a career in fuels is “There will be days that test your limits, that feel overwhelming, that you aren’t keeping up or where your goals seem unachievable, but just remember, “We Can Do it.”

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Lindy Star Taylor

Lindy Star Taylor is a Terminal Manager for Crowley Fuels Valdez. She has been working in the fuels industry for 6 years. Before working for Crowley, Lindy worked in many different fields including, acting. She worked as a production assistant in New York, and well as a white-water rafting instructor. Lindy got started in the fuels industry because she always wanted to get a CDL. Crowley helped her gain experience as a new driver and now she can’t imagine being in any other industry.

She says the best thing about her job is making a difference in other people’s lives. “The greatest tool in our toolbox is gratitude. Showing up every day with a grateful outlook makes for a positive environment and can be infectious.”

Her Advice for other women considering a career in fuels is, “Never doubt that you are capable of greatness due to a lack of experience. A strong will and strong heart can not be taught. The rest can be.”

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Jessica Croffut

Jessica Croffut has been the Senior Account Executive for Crowley Fuels for three years, focusing on fuel sales to aviation, construction, and mining customers. Before working in fuels, Jessica worked in the aviation industry conducting aerial mapping for eight years. She also earned her commercial and multi-engine pilot’s licenses. Upon starting a family, Jessica went back to school and earned a master’s degree in Global Supply Chain Management which led to a logistics job for an oil company, she realized that she enjoyed working with customers the most and moved into sales.

Jessica loves interacting with customers every day. She says “Each person I meet is different and I love hearing each individuals’ story. Every customer has its perks and challenges which makes my job all the more exciting.

Jessica’s advice to other women considering a career in fuels would be “Be adaptable. The industry is always changing and there are always new opportunities. If you stay open minded, you will be able to lead your own career path.”

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Jess Rigby

Jess Rigby is the Director of Projects and Compliance at Crowley Fuels LLC. She has been working in the fuels industry for seven years. Prior to joining Crowley, she worked as a contracting officer for the Department of Defense. Her role in procurement developed a strong foundation for contracts and she became interested in project management. Crowley gave her the project management opportunity where she has been able to gain knowledge and experience in the fuels industry.

Jess oversees facilities engineering for the Safety, Facilities, and Compliance Department. She says that the best part about her current position is the regular opportunities for growth and new challenges. Crowley has provided professional development opportunities that have taken Jess from Nome to San Salvador and has offered continuous learning and a strong career path supported by mentors, colleagues, and peers. Her work gives her the opportunity to collaborate with others in the industry in meaningful ways to develop solutions and successes.

Her advice to women considering a career in fuels is, “Embrace the skills and knowledge you bring to the organization. Be authentic in your experience and confident in what you contribute!”

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Kathy Fontaine

Kathy Fontaine is the Vice-President of Operations for Crowley Fuels, LLC. She has worked in the fuels industry for 28 years! Prior to working for Crowley, Kathy worked as part of the operations leadership team at BP.

Kathy’s career in the fuels industry started when she was working in an anaerobic microbiology lab for the New York State Health Department. A professor from a nearby university dropped off a sample for her to analyze. He was doing research for Arco in Alaska and offered her a job. She thought she would only be working in the oil industry for one year but ended up staying and making a career in the fuel business on one end or another. The thing she likes best about her current position is that Crowley provides a vital service to the communities they serve. “We must be there, be safe and be reliable. Many people depend on us!”

Kathy’s General Manager, Rick Meidel, had this to say about her “Kathy handles a large, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating job with grace and compassion.” Kathy’s advice to other women considering a career in fuels is “Stay true to your values; Care about the people you work with; Never give up!”

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Carrie Godden

Carrie Godden is the Vice President of Safety, Facilities & Compliance for Crowley Fuels LLC. She has worked in the fuels industry for 12 years, seven of which with Crowley. Carrie got started in the fuels industry when she worked as a consultant for Jacobs Engineering, supporting government projects across Alaska. She was initially hired for her specialty in the water/wastewater industry but quickly took an interest in fuels projects including tank inspections, maintenance, regulations and tank & pipeline decommissioning, as well as spill response and environmental remediation.

Carrie enjoys working for Crowley because she views them as a company with integrity. One of the best things about her position is that is has given her the opportunity to collaborate with consultants, contractors and team members, from the frontlines to the leadership team. Carrie says she “enjoys driving continuous, sustainable improvement across multiple disciplines to keep operations safe, compliant, and efficient. Good work with good people!”

Her advice to other women considering a career in the fuels industry is to “always work with integrity, possess a drive for learning and to consistently speak up – your input is valuable!”

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