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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update #2

UPDATE #2 03/16/2020 1300

We are constantly monitoring the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential effects on the global supply chain. The health and safety of our customers, and our personnel, whether onshore or aboard our vessels, and the continuity of our operations in service to you, remains our top priority.

As reported last week, there are no interruptions to our logistics operations at this time. Cargo is being picked up, ships are sailing, and goods are being delivered just as they always have. Should there be an interruption, we are prepared to adjust our operations to ensure the integrity of your supply chain.

We have put together the following questions and answers regarding ongoing operations:

Q: How are you keeping personnel safe?

A: In response to healthcare guidance by federal authorities, we have increased health and safety measures and protocols for employees and our workplaces. Visits outside of those for essential business functions to our vessels and terminals are cancelled. Access to offices are restricted or limited. For more information, please visit Crowley’s Response to the Coronavirus Threat.

Q: Are vessels sailing?

A: Yes, our vessels are continuing with their normal sailing schedule. You can always reference our online Route Finder for the most recent sailing schedule information.

Q: Are your operations open for normal business hours?

A: Yes, our operations including ports, terminal facilities and warehouses are maintaining normal business hours to ensure continued availability to drop off or pick up your cargo. While some of our employees are working from home as dictated by local governments and our business continuity plans, our technology investments and upgrades have made this a seamless process with no interruption in our service to you.

Q: Is cargo being cleared by government agencies in Puerto Rico?

A: Yes, both Hacienda and Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture (SUSTA) have planned to ensure that representatives are available for cargo inspection, clearance and release. The only exception to this is the clearance of vehicles, breakbulk and NIT cargo upon arrival in San Juan. We are working with local government authorities to attain their plan for this over the next couple of weeks and will convey that information once obtained.  

Q: Is my cargo being timely cleared in other locations?

A: Yes, as long as your customs broker is maintaining their operations, all government and customs officials are available for clearance. Crowley’s customs brokers are all operating normally.

Q: Is cargo being picked up and delivered normally?

A: Yes, if you are using Crowley for your drayage/inland, our operations are continuing as normal.  For more information on how we are supporting our land transportation operations and working to maintain the wellness of our land transportation employees and carrier partners, read our message here.

Q: What if my business is closed and I can’t receive or pick up cargo?

A: We understand that this is a difficult time for our customers.  We can assure you that we are working hard on contingencies when needed and we are committed to successfully navigating this together.  If you require special arrangements or have special requests for extended cargo holds, storage, etc., please contact us so that we can find a personalized solution.

Q: Can my cargo move to and throughout Central America or are the borders closed?

A: Effective March 15 – 22, the governments in all Central America countries served by Crowley have closed all land, air and sea borders to the transit of people, however, all borders remain open for the transport of cargo and supplies with additional health screening protocols and epidemiology controls that may cause minimal delays.

Q: What is the contingency plan per country?

A: All our business teams have reviewed, tweaked and begun implementing their business continuity plans. For more information, please visit Crowley’s Response to the Coronavirus Threat.

We appreciate your continued support during these challenging times. We will continue to update you with relevant information as it becomes available. As always, you may contact your sales representative or the Customer Care department at 1-800-CROWLEY with questions or concerns.