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New Form of Payment in Guatemala

Crowley, through G&T Continental bank, is enabling the Payment of Services option on August 16, 2020, for the payment of local bills. In order to utilize this option, you must have the following information available in order to process your payment:

  • Payment code of the company you are paying:
    • 8040 – Crowley Logistics of Guatemala, S.A.
    • 8041 – Crowley Latin America Services, LLC.
  • NIT of the depositor (must be entered without dashes)
  • For transfer payments from G&T Continental bank accounts, use the service payment option and enter the payment code, identify both the company who receives the deposit and the company who is making the transaction.

Please review the manual for payment online services and payment in cash or checks for additional information.

Additionally, when you make ACH transfers, please note the name of your company so that we may identify the origin of payment.

Once the payment is made, you must send the proof of payment to, including the invoice number and the amount that corresponds to each invoice (in case of more than one).