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Hurricane Maria Update #9


Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends, families and colleagues throughout the Caribbean. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s impact to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, safety remains our primary focus as we reestablish operations.

The following list contains the latest updates on those ports and facilities experiencing closings or alternate operating hours due to the storm’s impact.

San Juan, PR:

  • The port of San Juan, PR, is open for daylight transit only.

  • We were able to discharge over the weekend the El Conquistador (voyage NAL7035S) and the 455-4 barge (voyage SAL7107S), and are currently working to discharge the La Princesa (voyage SAL7108S), with an additional influx of voyages to be discharged throughout the week.

  • We are working closely with Hacienda to facilitate the release of these loads as these barges bring much needed food and relief cargo to the island.

  • Our terminal and warehouse in San Juan will be open this week, Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1530 EST, and Saturday, September 30, from 0800 to noon EST.

U.S. Virgin Islands:

  • The port of St. Thomas is open for daylight transit only.

  • Our St. Thomas offices, terminal, and warehouse are open.

  • The port of St. Croix is now open for daylight transit only.

  • Our St. Croix warehouse operations have now resumed.

We will continue to update you as our operations resume or conditions change. For the latest information on our sailing schedule, please visit