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An Important Update for Carrier Partners on Crowley’s Response to the Coronavirus

During the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Crowley know the safety and security of our carriers and locations is crucial. Considering the pandemic, we want to communicate important steps Crowley has implemented to support land transportation operations as well as the wellness of our employees and carrier partners. These steps may reduce the risk of illness as we monitor the unpredictable nature of the disease, while supporting the viability of supply chains.

In response to the coronavirus, Crowley activated its incident management team (IMT), which includes representatives of all business units and corporate services, to jointly manage activities related to the health and safety of our employees at our offices and company facilities. This team is providing unified management as it relates to virus prevention, risk mitigation, business continuity and regular, reliable internal and external communications.

It is important to note that we are not currently experiencing any interruptions to our logistics operations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

We have activated our business continuity plans for land transportation operations and providers to mitigate the effects of the pandemic while allowing the continuation of essential services.

We are taking the following steps, based on guidance from healthcare authorities:

  • Implementing a worker and workplace protection strategy.
  • Tracking and implementing changes in approved or recommended protection measures.
  • Ensuring only essential personnel are at the primary worksite.
  • Reaffirming that essential suppliers have their material and personnel on-hand and can respond and support as planned.
  • Coordinating with local public health and emergency response points of contact to ensure open, adequate communications.
  • Monitoring the spread of the coronavirus.

Safety is our No. 1 core value, and the health and welfare of every employee and our stakeholders is our top priority in these decisions.

Crowley would ask that all our trucking associates help us keep the supply chain moving by taking action to help stem the spread of this present virus by:

  • Identifying your policies regarding the screening of employees for coronavirus and reporting to
  • Identifying your policies regarding sick workers, and clearance to report back to work once an illness has passed. Please report this information to
  • Complying with the recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Staying in your vehicle on all terminals unless required to depart for safety purposes.
  • Staying up to date with the latest information on COVID-19 on the CDC website and local/regional information. Ensure that your employees are given the most up-to-date guidelines. Status of ports, terminals, and closures may change daily.

Crowley will continue to update you as the unfolding situation warrants. In addition, we are providing further information on companywide actions at

If you have questions, please contact us at We deeply appreciate our partnership and cooperation with our stakeholders through this trying time.