Marine Solutions

Protector Class

Overall Dimensions

Length: 120′
Breadth: 41′ 6″
Depth: 16′ 11″

Protector Class tugs are U.S.-flagged tractor tugs designed for ship assist and escort. These tugs feature Voith Schneider twin cycloidal propulsion and a hydrofoil-shaped skeg that provide for greatly improved steering, control and seakeeping ability when the vessel is running at high speeds in the skeg-first direction. In addition, the unique hydrodynamics of the hull result in increased tons of steering and braking forces, which are available to assist or control a vessel at higher speeds.

The improved hull and skeg designs represent the next generation of tractor tugs. We’ve incorporated a range of innovations into these vessles, including a stern hold-down arrangement that allows the vessel’s operator to switch quickly from an escort mode to a ship docking mode and a pilothouse control console arranged for maximum visibility and ease of use.

These vessels are classified by the ABS as A1 Ocean Services and FFV Class 1. They are fully instrumented, with pilothouse-controlled engine rooms and deck machinery, and the latest in navigational and communications technology.