Freight Forwarding and Global Project Logistics

Site Coordination and Port Management

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Crowley’s experience operating within ports is a major advantage for customers looking for a partner who has the experience to manage the critical processes surrounding the movement of high-value project cargoes in and out these specialized locations. Our expert staff analyzes each project to determine if the plans are operationally sound for the cranes and lifting equipment available, as well as the labor, stevedoring, and the safe and secure laydown and storage facilities. Finally, Crowley analyzes the dimensions of each shipment from the time it arrives at the port until it is safely stowed on the vessel.

Crowley plans for success by:

  • Conducting detailed surveys to determine the most appropriate ports, terminals and berths to support your project

  • Negotiating with terminals to develop the ideal handling plan that emphasizes safety, protects cargo and minimizes dwell time.

  • Recommending best practices for lifting, lashing and securing freight

  • Determining the export crating services require, present options for on-site or off-site crating services.

  • Providing the in-country/on-site representation and project management around the world, including remote locations and contingent environments.