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The engineering achievement of the Salem Harbor Wind Terminal is a result of the public-private partnership between Crowley and the City of Salem. The terminal will house AVANGRID’s Commonwealth Wind and Park City Wind projects, serving as a logistics and operations center for turbine assembly components.

These components will be pre-assembled and stored in preparation for transportation. Further demonstrating their commitment to clean energy, Crowley Wind Services will operate the facility, creating more employment opportunities in the area while helping develop renewable energy resources. This unique engineering endeavor promises great results for all involved in the partnership.

Crowley has completed the purchase of 42 acres in Salem, Massachusetts, the latest milestone toward the development of the state’s second major offshore wind port terminal.

The proposed terminal site project at the former Salem Harbor Station will not only provide hundreds of jobs for engineering professionals, but also to those in construction and operations. The redeveloped former coal-fired energy plant presents a unique opportunity to further stimulate economic growth in the area while showcasing prominent engineering innovation. It is hoped that the successful completion of this historic project will bring improved long-term prospects to all those involved in supporting its construction and daily operations.

The engineering teams behind Connecticut’s ambitious renewable energy plans have done a stunning job recently with the Commonwealth Wind project, the largest offshore wind project in all of New England. This project alone is estimated to create 11,000 full time equivalent jobs over its lifetime, as well as generating enough clean energy to power 750,000 homes every year. Furthermore, in Bridgeport, the Park City Wind Project will be providing an additional 400,000 homes with enough clean energy each year to ensure that Connecticut lives up to its commitment to a greener future. The engineering work going into this meaningful development for Connecticut is an amazing accomplishment for both the state and sustainability efforts worldwide!

Construction of the wind terminal is expected to start in summer 2023, with the terminal complete in 2025.