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Truckload Intermodal Cost Indexes for the 3rd Quarter of 2016


For the third quarter 2016, the CASS Index, which is being used to monitor and evaluate U.S. Inland rates, reflected an average of 122.3 for Truckload and 124.4 for Intermodal (rail). Compared to the established baseline of 121.8 for Truckload and 126.6 for Intermodal (rail), the Truckload Index increased by .41% and the Intermodal (rail) decreased by -1.74%. As neither of the indexes reflected a +/- 2% change, the inland rates will remain unchanged for this review period. The indexes can be found here: CASS Indexes.

For the fourth quarter review, the baseline indexes will remain the same, 121.8 for Truckload and 126.6 for Intermodal (rail). The next review period is set for January 2017. You can view the requirements and Index history here.