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Crowley SOLAS Verified Gross Mass Regulations Reminder


As a reminder, the implementation of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention amendments will take effect globally on July 1, 2016. The SOLAS amendments will require every loaded shipping container with an international destination to have a verified gross mass (VGM) documented before it can be stowed aboard a vessel.

VGM consists of the total gross weight which is composed by the cargo, dunnage and container tare weight. For full container loads (FCL) and Freight Forwarding services, the shipper will be responsible to submit the VGM by the established documentation cut off time.

For LCL shipments, Crowley Logistics, Inc., (CLI), Crowley Caribbean Logistics (CCL), and/or SeaPack will be the responsible party to submit the VGM to the main carrier. CLI, CCL, and SeaPack will weigh every LCL shipment, totalize it, and will add the container tare weight plus the dunnage in order to provide the total VGM. For cross-dock cargo, Crowley will provide the tare weight of the final equipment loaded for the shipper to use in its VGM calculation. The shipper remains the responsible party to provide VGM to the carrier, unless other arrangements are made with the company providing cross-dock services.

The full SOLAS definitions and regulations can be viewed here.

Cargo and containers failing to comply with these regulations risk being delayed from shipping. If shippers are not ready to comply with this requirement of providing VGM, Crowley can offer this service for an additional charge at Crowley terminals. For more detailed information to help prepare for July 1, please visit Crowley’s SOLAS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on our website at

We encourage you to review these FAQs to help provide more clarity on the amendments and what is required for you to successfully implement the new weight regulations.