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Crowley to Add 400 New Refrigerated and Insulated Containers to its Equipment Fleet

(Jacksonville, Fla.; Aug. 5, 2003) – Crowley Liner Services is adding about 400 new refrigerated and insulated container/chassis combinations to its equipment fleet to better serve its Puerto Rico/Caribbean and Latin America customers.

New 45-foot (102-inch wide) refrigerated and insulated containers will be used exclusively in Crowley’s Puerto Rico Ro/Ro services, while new 40-foot (96-inch wide) refrigerated containers will be used in all of the company’s service areas including Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

“One of the most important commitments we have made to our customers is to continuously reinvest in new assets and services for their benefit,” said Tom Crowley Jr., Chairman, President and CEO of Crowley Maritime Corporation. “This includes acquiring and maintaining a modern and reliable fleet of equipment to move their goods.”

So far this year Crowley has received and/or is in the process of receiving 3,150 new 45-foot (102-wide) and 53-foot (102-wide) dry container/chassis combinations.

Included in the latest acquisition announced today are 125 new 45-foot (102-wide) Super Refrigerated containers, which will be the largest in the company’s fleet of refrigerated equipment. Equipped with Thermo King’s Magnum refrigeration units, these containers will save significant amounts of energy, reach the set point faster, and maintain temperatures as low as minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit, even in ambient temperatures of 122 degrees.

“This means we will be even better equipped to carry products that require deep-frozen temperatures, such as ice cream, frozen vegetables, fish and pharmaceuticals,” said John Douglass, senior vice president and general manager, Puerto Rico and Caribbean services. “The new Super Refrigerated units, which use 404A refrigerant, are the most environmentally friendly in the market, with a lower Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI) than any other units.”

In addition, 143 new 45-foot (102-wide) Super Insulated containers will feature state-of-the-art, six-side insulation, which will maintain temperatures more effectively and for longer periods of time. With these new, fully insulated containers, cargo like cheese, condensed milk and grocery store merchandise can be shipped for longer periods of time and still arrive in peak condition.

The company is also adding 131 new 40-foot (96-wide) high-cube refrigerated containers and chassis, which will use the environmentally safe refrigerant 134A.

The containers were manufactured by China International Marine Containers (Group) LTD, Qingdao in the People’s Republic of China during June 2003. The 45′ chassis are manufactured by Hercules Enterprises in Hillsborough, N.J.

Crowley Liner Services, headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., is a subsidiary of Oakland-based Crowley Maritime Corporation and is part of its liner segment. The corporation, founded in 1892, is primarily family- and employee-owned, and is engaged in worldwide logistics, liner services, contract towing and transportation, energy support services, ship assist and escort services, vessel management and petroleum and chemical marine transport. Additional information about Crowley, its subsidiaries and business units may be found on the Internet at

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