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Crowley Receives Toyota 1998 Logistics Excellence Award for Quality Performance

(Jacksonville, FL; August 26, 1999) Crowley American Transport was presented recently with the Toyota Logistics Services (TLS) 1998 Logistics Excellence Award for Quality Performance. Crowley achieved the award in large part because it recorded zero damage last year transporting nearly 8,000 new vehicles from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico.

Dennis Derby, Crowley Vice President and General Manager of Sales & Marketing, and Pete Banaszak, Crowley Vice President of National Accounts, accepted the award on behalf of Crowley at a luncheon held near Toyota’s U.S.A. operating headquarters in Torrance, Calif. Additional recognition ceremonies were held for Crowley employees in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Jacksonville, Fla. Crowley’s Jacksonville terminal serves as the primary load port for Toyota automobiles being shipped to Puerto Rico.

Robert C. Daly, TLS Vice President and General Manager said Crowley’s “continued strong support has been a key factor in helping Toyota attain its sales and customer satisfaction goals, as well as in strengthening our mutual business partnership.”

TLS established its transportation vendor recognition award program this year as a way to recognize companies who met Toyota’s stringent performance criteria and measures as they relate to their mission of delivering customers’ products where they want them, when they want them and in the condition they want them.

“This recognition is very important to Crowley,” Derby said. “It is rewarding for the company to be cited for providing customers transportation services that meet their expectations of quality and satisfaction. It verifies the fact that the product focus of all of our employees is in the right direction.”

“Our Jacksonville operations employees are proud to have delivered what our customers expect, which is excellence in transportation, from the point of receipt at the terminal to the point of delivery to the customer at its destination,” said Mike Hopkins, Crowley Vice President and General Manager, Operations. “Beyond the physical handling of the Toyota vehicle, this involves communication with all the parties and the transmission of data at a zero error level. The fact that we were able to receive an award, which was the result of lowering claims and Toyota’s insurance premium, was proof that land operations had perfected the handling process. We are redoubling our efforts to be diligent in maintaining and improving this record.”

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Crowley American Transport provides cargo common carrier services between Canada, the United States and countries in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oakland-based Crowley Maritime Corp., founded in 1892.