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Crowley Consolidates Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance Programs

(Seattle, Wash.; January 21, 1999)—Charles Nalen, vice president of Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance (ESQA) for Crowley Marine Services (CMS), will expand his role and direct these programs under contract to other Crowley Maritime Corporation subsidiaries worldwide. Programs will include the expanded use of the ISO 9000 and Q1 Quality Management System as well as other safety and environmental protection measures. In his new capacity, Nalen will expand his department to provide the Crowley Marine Services ESQA program to Crowley American Transport (CAT), and Crowley Logistics as well as their respective subsidiaries.

 Under Nalen’s management, CMS has seen a continued reduction in personal injuries and property damage. As of year-end 1998, CMS has a total of 52 vessels and nine operating locations ISO 9000, ISM Code and Responsible Carrier Program certified. CATs Jacksonville terminal is Q1 and ISO 9000 certified. Nalen also currently serves as chairman of the Board of the American Waterways Organization (AWO) where he is actively involved in promoting safety and the Responsible Carrier Program adoption within the industry.

 Crowley Marine Services, Inc., headquartered in Seattle, Washington, provides specialized marine transportation and logistics services on a worldwide basis, operating one of the worlds largest fleets of marine and related equipment. The company’s primary services include tanker escort and ship assist; petroleum transportation and sales; contract barge transportation and ocean towing; logistics and support services; marine salvage and emergency response services by CMS and the joint venture Marine Response Alliance; U.S. West Coast spill response services provided by the joint venture Clean Pacific; and all-terrain transportation.