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Crew of Crowley Tug Attentive Rescues Two From 35′ Sloop Caught in Hurricane Force Winds in Gulf of Alaska

(Valdez, Alaska; March 19, 2001) – The crew of Crowley Marine Services’ tug Attentive recently came to the rescue of two sailors trapped in hurricane force winds aboard the 35′ sloop Adana in the Gulf of Alaska.

Adana crewmembers Mike Hunt and Marnee Allison were underway from Cordova to Yukatat when high winds and rising seas forced them to take cover in Port Etches on Hinchinbrook Island. Their sailboat had begun dragging anchor and was in danger of running aground when they radioed the Crowley tug Attentive, on-station nearby for crude oil tanker escort, to assist.

The Adana crew pulled into Port Etches to wait out the storm, but with 75 to 100 mile an hour winds and roughs seas battering the sailing vessel, it was more than they could handle.

“It was a beautiful sloop but it was in shambles, all torn up,” said Jeff Stevenson, captain of the Attentive.

Stevenson alerted the U.S. Coast Guard of the situation and advised that the Attentive was on site to provide assistance. As conditions worsened, Attentive and Adana crewmembers agreed the safest course of action was to abandon the Adana. The Attentive crew began making approaches to pass survival suits to the Adana crew. Then, in high winds and hard driving rain and snow, the tug crew passed a tether line and life ring to the Adana crew and began to haul them one at a time through the water and aboard the Attentive to safety.

“It was both amazing and comforting to see the calm professionalism of the crew of the Attentive in our time of distress,” said Hunt, skipper of the Adana.

The Attentive crew, comprised of Captain Stevenson, Chief Engineer Kinnie Chamberlin, Chief Mate Jim Graham, Second Mate Marcia Macone, A/B Robert Wolfe, A/B Mike Skrivaniac and Cook Nancy Wise, was later presented a commendation from the U.S. Coast Guard in recognition of the heroic rescue.

“Nothing exemplifies the spirit of good seamanship as much as saving the lives of fellow mariners on the high seas,” said Frosty Leonard, Crowley manager of Valdez operations. “Our crews come to the aid of vessels in distress on a routine basis. Determination, superb seamanship and valor on the part of these individuals make rescues of this kind possible.”

Following the rescue, Attentive crewmembers delivered Hunt and Allison safely to Valdez where the two began efforts to locate and salvage their abandoned vessel.

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