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As Seen in “Produce News Daily” – Customized Brokers Discusses Congestion at Northeast Ports

As seen in “Produce News Daily,” Nelly Yunta, vice president of Crowley subsidiary Customized Brokers, discusses the issues stemming from congestion at Northeast U.S. ports, which can be problematic for those in the produce industry, who need their shipments to arrive fresh and on time.

“One of the more challenging issues today is the congestion of fresh produce that is occurring in the Northeast,” said Yunta. “Government agencies need more resources. When we need information or advice, we have to e-mail the agency and wait for a response because they are so busy that they cannot take phone calls. The CBP officers are doing as much as they possibly can today, but we need to do what we can to make the government aware that they need additional help so they can function at peak efficiencies.”

Yunta also said that the entire produce industry needs to pull together to help create a better flow of product from offshore. “The options are more inspectors, more electronic devices and opening up Florida with cold-treatment approval.”

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