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Alyeska Honors Crowley with Exceptional Award of Merit

(Valdez, Alaska; September 2, 2003)–Crowley’s ship assist and escort services group was recently honored by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company with a 2002 Exceptional Award of Merit. The award honors Crowley for implementing a new Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance (ESQA) Management System and for achieving perfect environmental and safety records for 2002.

Crowley’s new ESQA Management System fully meets and integrates four internationally certified management codes: the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier (AWORC) program, the ISO 9000 Quality Code, and the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems Code.

“Crowley’s receipt of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification demonstrates its commitment to safety, quality and environment. Crowley’s commitment to safety helps contribute to the good safety record of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s Ship Escort/Response Vessel System. This is particularly significant given the hazards associated with the marine environment,” said Ed Morgan, Manager, Alyeska’s Ship Escort/ Response Vessel System.

Crowley’s new ESQA management system, in addition to meeting numerous voluntary pollution prevention standards, implements comprehensive pollution training and education for all of Crowley’s Valdez operations employees. Through Crowley’s stringent environmental protection policies and procedures, the company was recognized for perfect environmental performance in 2002.

A new, comprehensive safety program includes a new safety training video for Crowley’s Valdez operations crews and the publishing of a safety management handbook. A new personal safety check card that every employee must carry at all times provides a consistent method of reinforcing crewmember safety accountability and assessment of vessel hazards.

Every month Crowley’s ship assist and escort group meets and publishes an overview of potentially high-risk situations and safety precautions that can be taken to maximize safety. Through these efforts Crowley achieved a perfect safety performance record for 2002.

This year, Crowley is celebrating its 50th year of service to the people and businesses in Alaska. In Valdez, Crowley personnel and tugs help protect the environment through contracted work with Alyeska’s Ship Escort/Response Vessel System (SERVS). Through this commercial partnership Crowley tugs provide tanker escorts for vessels traveling through Prince William Sound to and from the Valdez Marine Terminal, assuring their safe passage even under Alaska’s most extreme weather conditions. Crowley also provides secure docking and undocking operations at the oil product loading terminals.

“Crowley’s new Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance program improves the company’s already exceptional track record in each of these areas,” said Alex Sweeney, Crowley’s Vice President in Valdez. “We are proud to be recognized by Alyeska and look forward to many more years of continued, safe service to the company.”

Oakland-based Crowley Maritime, Corp., founded in 1892, is primarily a family- and employee-owned company engaged in worldwide logistics, liner services, contract towing and transportation, energy support services, ship assist and escort services, vessel design and construction management, and petroleum and chemical distribution and transportation services. Additional information about Crowley, its subsidiaries and business units may be found on the Internet at

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