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Technical Services


Engineering Services / Support

Our strategic engineering team is made up of seasoned professionals whose primary focus is to work in collaboration with the marine asset business units and our full array of corporate services to identify and develop engineering-based processes and solutions that improve safety, quality, and vessel reliability, while adding efficiencies and cost savings. Secondary focuses are to stay informed on class and flag state regulations and to share these and other best practices across the business units and to develop vendor/contractor relationships and resources. 

Crowley provides marine engineering services including complete marine electrical design; tonnage and admeasurements; inclining experiments; stability and load line reports; and finite element analysis.  Crowley was contracted by the Military Sealift Command to provide project management and engineering services to implement ship wide automation, control and monitoring systems for individual and multiple ship classes and platforms fleet wide.

To review our past accomplishments click here ß(link to past performance)

Vessel Design and Modification

Crowley provides naval architecture and marine engineering design for all types of vessels. Naval architecture is a demanding engineering discipline that encompasses the design, construction and repair of marine vessels. We offer services at every level of the various design phases, each led by a team of top-flight marine engineers, naval architects, and maritime specialists who bring with them a depth of knowledge and experience unsurpassed in the marine industry. The phases of new vessel design and existing vessel modification are outlined below:

  • Feasibility Studies-Evaluate customer ideas and concepts. Projects range from alternative equipment to new vessel platforms and hull shapes.

  • Concept Design-Top level drawings to represent the major design features to demonstrate the design approach for the vessel.

  • Shipyard Bid Package-Set of top level drawings and technical specifications, developed to the extent necessary, to describe the vessels major design features and to obtain bid estimates from prospective shipyards.

  • Regulatory Approval Package-Set of functional drawings developed to the extent necessary to demonstrate compliance with and obtain regulatory/classification society approvals.

  • Detail Design Package-Set of detailed drawings developed to the extent and level necessary for prospective shipbuilder to build the vessel. The level of detail can be tailored to meet any shipyard build strategy.

In addition to design and conversion support, specific areas of expertise include:

  • Inclining experiments and stability analysis

  • Speed and power prediction

  • Ship motion prediction

  • Finite element analysis

  • Transportation systems simulations

  • Mooring analysis

Project Management

Crowley’s overall project management coordination from ship design to final delivery includes the management of the following aspects of new build production:

  • Initial program definition

  • Shipbuilder vetting and equipment selections

  • Contact negotiation and administration

  • Contract technical services

  • Construction oversight

  • Delivery and follow up

Specialty Cargo Moves

Crowley specializes in moving the most challenging cargo loads – including offshore drilling platforms and project cargo.  From the Russian Far East and Alaska to South America and Africa, our extensive fleet can make any delivery in any conditions—at sea to secure mission points, onto dock facilities, or onto a remote beach.

Specialized Towing Operations

Crowley has extensive experience towing government-owned and former government-owned vessels in the open ocean and through the Panama Canal as well as around the tip of South America for a vessel that could not sail through the Canal. Fine out more about our towing accomplishments here (link to past performance

Vessel Chartering, Crewing and Management

Many government and military agencies require specialized vessels with specific capabilities and crews that hold valid security clearances.  Crowley has the resources, experience, and management to meet these requirements.