SeaFreight is now a part of Crowley Maritime

SeaFreight Aquisition

SeaFreight is now part of Crowley

SeaFreight is now part of Crowley and is operating under the Crowley brand. The newly combined service provides customers with the most comprehensive ocean freight and logistics services throughout the Caribbean Basin, including 19 islands in the eastern and western Caribbean, all of Central America, and the South America countries of Guyana and Suriname. Throughout this region Crowley is focused on providing the highest quality service and an extensive network of connectivity (including cross-trade) for customers to dependably get their products to any and all markets they serve.

Important Information

SeaFreight Rates

Please download the latest SeaFreight Rates PDF   


All Crowley and SeaFreight Routes and Sailing Schedules are here

Customer Service

Our Customer Care Team is ready to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have at 1-800-CROWLEY or you may call more direct by visiting our phone directory .

Track a Shipment

You are now able to track your shipment through the Crowley platform here .

SeaFreight Essential Terms

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SeaFreight Fax Numbers (Updated)
  1. Main Number: (786) 814-6501
  2. Accounting: (786) 814-6555
  3. Sales: (786) 814-6556
  4. Pricing: (786) 814-6557
  5. Traffic: (786) 814-6558
  6. Elsie Rosario: (786) 814-6559    
  7. David Ross: (786) 814-6552                       
  8. Seapack: (786) 814-6601

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