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Crowley Fuels Alaska

Juneau Fuel Delivery and Services

Location Information

Main Plant / Bulk Fuel Facility / Marine Fuel Dock
Address: 1076 Jacobsen Drive Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 586-1276
Hours: Mon through Fri 8am – 5pm
Marine fuel dock is open during daytime hours in winter

Marine fuel dock is located at main facility and serves vessels of all sizes.
It is also an off-loading facility for fuel shipments.

Douglas Depot Gas Station
Address: 1017 Third Street Juneau, AK 99824
Phone: (907) xxx-xxxx
Hours: 24/7/365
Douglas Depot gas station features two dispensers and four filling stations.

Emergency or After Hours is available for our Keep-Full Customers Only:
(907) 419-8214 or (907) 419-8215


  • Heating fuel
  • Bulk Diesel
  • Bulk Gasoline
  • Marine Fuels
  • Aviation fuels (Jet A & AV100LL)


  • Distribution & sale of oil & petroleum products
  • Auto-fill service
  • Commercial & consumer heating fuel delivery
  • Bulk gasoline fuel delivery services to local service stations
  • Bulk diesel delivery for businesses
  • Aviation fuel (bulk tank delivery)

Crowley Fuels salutes the men and women on the front lines keeping our communities healthy and safe.

Military and first responders can receive a special discount on heating fuel, our way of saying THANK YOU. Contact Crowley Fuels today to learn more and sign up. 


Ways to Save on Fuel in Juneau

Giving back

We live and work here, alongside the people and businesses we serve. We understand the importance of supporting the communities where we do business, and demonstrate this commitment to community in various ways.

Read more about how Crowley cares for our communities.

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