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Shipping and Logistics

El Salvador

El Salvador Warehouse

Contact Information
Dan Rosales, Lead Coordinator 
Mauricio Grimaldi, Warehouse Supervisor
(503) 2325-7607

 • Pool point distribution
 • Cargo reception
 • Cross docking
 • Storage
 • Pick and pack
 • Sorting
 • Dispatch
 • Customs clearance
 • Inventory management
 • Palletized cargo
 • Shrink wrap
 • Forklift services

Warehouse Features
 • 16,325 square feet
 • Located in Export Salva Free Zone
 • Three trailer-height doors
 • 24-hour security
 • On-site Customs
 • High-speed DSL Internet connectivity

Export Salva FZ, Building 10 South
Lourdes Colón, La Libertad
El Salvador

Service Area

Service Area

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Shipping and Logistics:

  • 1-800-276-9539
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