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U.S. to Latin America - Vehicle Shipping Rates and Information

Thank you for looking to Crowley for your vehicle shipping needs to Latin America including Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. Below are a few details to assist you with transporting your vehicle.  We currently provide vehicle shipping to Latin America from the following port locations. 

Please click on the applicable port for vehicle shipping requirements (including required forms and additional restrictions): 

Vehicle Shipment Instructions

  • Contact our customer care department at 1-800-276-9539 (option 2) to confirm rate quote.
  • Complete the booking (shipment) reservation. This can be done by contacting our booking department at 1-800-276-9539 (option 1) or filling out a Liner Booking Request .
    • A booking reservation number will be provided. This number should be notated on all paperwork and can be used to track your shipment .
  • Deliver the vehicle with all required documentation to the terminal during receiving hours. An escort is required and will be provided to enter the port.

Vehicle Rates to Latin America - View our Latin America Sailing Schedules .

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Shipping and Logistics:

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