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Central America Southern Zone

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Between the U.S. East Coast, Costa Rica and Panama

Crowley is the premier container shipping company serving the Central America southern zone countries of Costa Rica and Panama. With Crowley’s Speed to Market you can ship your cargo on weekly, fixed-day direct sailings from Port Everglades, Fla., to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, and Colon, Panama. Overland truck service is provided to Managua, Nicaragua, from Puerto Limon. Service areas also include San Jose, Costa Rica; and Cristobal, Colon, Panama City and Balboa,Panama. Import shipping services to the United States East Coast are also provided from those countries once a week.

We can ship your apparel and related components like fabric, cotton, yarn, buttons and zippers (807 / 9802 cargo), along with refrigerated (reefer) perishables and frozen goods such as shrimp, seafood, melons, snow peas and more, along with construction equipment, including project cargo, NIT cargo, vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, vans to sport utility vehicles (SUVs), department store merchandise (DSM), and freight of all kinds (FAK) on Crowley Lo/Lo ships. Shippers can utilize high-cube containers, trailers, garment-on-hanger (GOH) containers, refrigerated (reefer) containers and other specialized equipment.

Crowley's frequent, reliable service and expert personnel can expedite your shipments like no one else. And Crowley’s logistics group provides less than container load (LCL) shipping services for small shipments, as well as specialized apparel transportation services, warehousing at our distribution centers throughout Central America and Florida, and regional trucking in Central America.  

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