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North American LTL and FTL Transportation


Crowley Logistics provides private and public sector customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense and federal agencies, with robust and reliable coordination and provision of transportation services in support of their business objectives or mission.

With nearly 125 years of service, Crowley leverages its experience with practical know how, emerging technologies and carrier relationships to provide an end-to-end freight management system to meet customers' requirements, while retaining the flexibility to respond to  emergency, surge or future growth requirements.

Crowley Logistics is a subsidiary of Crowley Maritime Corporation, an U.S. owned marine solutions, energy and logistics services company that excels at multi-modal transportation in domestic and international markets by providing total cargo and supply chain solutions.  Services include liner container shipping, warehousing and distribution, airfreight, forwarding and customs brokerage, and domestic (FTL, LTL) and international (FCL, LCL) transportation.

Crowley provides customers with 24/7 supply chain and contract visibility; the ability to book and track shipments any time; real-time e-mail alerts, and centralized booking, rates and billing information. 

The Crowley Logistics  team combines its industry know how, systems, assets and carrier relationships to  provide:

▪     On-time pick-up and delivery of cargo at competitive rates

▪     In-transit and commercial visibility, scaled to meet the business information needs of shippers, customers, managers and commanders at all levels in the supply chain

▪     Quality assurance at all levels to measure and maintain carrier performance

▪     Reduced cost through sustained network optimization

▪     Surge capability to support disaster relief, emergency and humanitarian requirements


Transportation Control Tower (TCT)

Crowley’s Transportation Control Tower provides  centralized management and administration, staffing and reporting, including documentation, billing, payment and audit in support of the program.  The TCT provides in-transit visibility (ITV) and a 24/7/365 single point of contact for our customers.

Centralized Program Manager

Experienced PMs backed by an experienced team of Customer Service Associates (CSA) are based at the TCT and are available to travel on a moment’s notice to meet with new and current customers.  Crowley already provides service 24/7/365, with full staffing during normal duty hours, and on-call personnel to meet surge or emergency requirements.

Mobile Field Quality Assurance Team

Crowley teams consisting of experienced transporters/logisticians deploy as needed to customers’ locations to serve as their single point of contact to synchronize Crowley’s support operations. The intent is to present a knowledgeable, responsive face to the customer and carrier.

Enterprise Visibility

Enterprise Visibility Dashboard provides our customers with control and transparency to shippers and activity managers, through tailored information on freight costs, arrival performance, carrier billing, freight cost recovery and variances. It allows Crowley and its customers to measure performance and track trends over time to control costs, manage carriers, and drive continual improvement.

Network Optimization

The value of the dashboard is not limited to in-transit visibility of individual shipments and consolidated reports.  It provides the means to control, model, adjust, and execute improvements in the customer’s supply chain on a recurring basis.

Carrier Management

Crowley has some of the highest and most stringent criteria for carrier and driver selection in the US transportation industry. Further, Crowley team members are already major road and rail transportation service providers to DoD and the commercial sector.  They have ample numbers of experienced small, medium and large carriers under contract who meet all DoD and DoT performance and compliance standards, and they have processes  in place for their management.

Management of Operations

Program management is centralized in the TCT, with local on-site FQAT personnel.  They ensure that at all levels the program quality control plan is followed.  The data provided by the Enterprise Visibility Dashboard provides the basis for regular reviews and immediate troubleshooting of issues that may arise.  These reviews also include risk identification, analysis and mitigation. 

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