Independence Day 2014

Shipping and Logistics

Independence Day 2014


Dear Valued Customer,

Please see the below schedule for Crowley offices and ports for the Independence Day Holiday, Friday, July 4, 2014.

Offices / Ports Friday, July 4th
Jacksonville, FL Office Closed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal, Administrative Closed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal, TMT Closed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal, JPA Closed
Jacksonville, FL Inland Operations Closed
Jacksonville, FL CLI Warehouse Closed
Freight Services - Customer Care Closed
Freight Services - Bookings Skeleton Crew 8-12 (EST)
Freight Services - Documentation Skeleton Crew 8-5 (EST)
Freight Services – NB PR – Jacksonville, FL Closed
Houston, TX Closed
Pennsauken, NJ Terminal Closed
Pennsauken, NJ Office Closed
South Florida, Port Everglades- Admin Offices Skeleton Crew 8-12 (EST)
South Florida, Port Everglades- Inland Operations Deliveries Only
South Florida, Port Everglades Gate-Imports Skeleton Crew 7-4 (EST)
South Florida, Port Everglades Gate-Exports Skeleton Crew 7-5 (EST)
Miami Office Closed
Miami Warehouse Closed
Gulfport, MS Closed
Gulfport, MS Warehouse Closed
San Juan Office Closed
San Juan Terminal Closed
St. Thomas Closed
St. Croix Closed
Haiti Normal Hours
Dominican Republic Normal Hours
Trinidad Normal Hours
Barbados Normal Hours
St. Vincent Normal Hours
Costa Rica Normal Hours
Panama Normal Hours
Guatemala Normal Hours
Honduras Normal Hours
Nicaragua Normal Hours
PR LCL Shipment Schedule/Document Cutoffs Normal Hours

If you have any questions please, contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-276-9539.
Please visit for schedule changes and operational updates. Crowley's current sailing schedules are always available online, click HERE for more details.

Thank you for your continued support,



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