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Harbor Ship Assist and Tanker Escort

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Pacific Northwest

Our highly flexible fleet supports our customers wherever they do business, including the Pacific Northwest, which presents some very distinct environmental and physical challenges.

In North Puget Sound, we assist large tankers in and out of berths and provide escort services throughout rugged coastal region under very extreme weather conditions. Our high horsepower/high bollard pull rated tugs, which are equipped with the latest technology in navigation, communications and firefighting equipment, have been specifically designed to provide safe and efficient escorts and assists to tankers operating in the region.

In Seattle, Tacoma and other regional surrounding ports, we provide escort and docking services for tankers, container ships and other vessels.

As a proud service provider in the region since the 1920s, we have participated in activities and worked with other organizations for the advancement of the local maritime community.

The following tugs are in operation in the Pacific Northwest:

Vessel Name Horsepower Bollard Pull Propulsion
Response 7.240 154,000 lbs Voith-Schneider Cycloidal
Vigilant 6,700 182,000 lbs Rolls-Royce Azmuthing
Guard 5,500 120,000 lbs Voith-Schneider Cycloidal
Protector 5,500 120,000 lbs Voith-Schneider Cycloidal
Chief 4,800 111,500 lbs Voith-Schneider Cycloidal
Guide 4,800 111,500 lbs Voith-Schneider Cycloidal

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Harbor Ship Assist and Tanker Escort:

Fuel Pricing

7 DEC to 13 DEC 2018

Location Price
Puget Sound $2.2214
San Francisco Bay $2.3966
Los Angeles/Long Beach $2.2990
San Diego $2.4757