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Crowley acquired majority ownership of Accord Marine Management, now Crowley Accord, in 2014. Our international ship management capabilities are leveraged by their long history and worldwide experience covering a variety of vessel types, some of which include:

Demolition Voyages Self-unloaders General Cargo
Bulk Carriers Container Vessels Offshore Towing
Trans-shippers Livestock Carriers Tankers/Chemical Carriers

Since 1982, Accord has provided technical and crew management, project management, and back office services and solutions to customers, with a focus on adding value and efficient operation.

“Total Quality Management is not a destination, but a journey towards improvement”


Technical Management
  • “Prevention rather than reaction” is the managing mindset of the superintendents.
  • Vessels treated as though they were Crowley Accord-owned assets.
  • Communication is key:
    • Vessel monitoring
    • Regular vessel visits
    • PM system strict adherence by shore and sea-going staff
Crew Management
  • Ensuring well trained mariners meeting highest professional standards.
  • Recruitment via global network resulting in extensive and active database for officers and unlicensed crews for many types of vessels.
Back Office Solutions and Project Management
  • Administrative functions – accounting, contracting and finance management
  • ISM Documentation
  • Pre-vetting for oil major, flag state & port state
  • inspections
  • Safety, Security, Quality, and Environmental
  • Assurance
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Legal support
Special Projects and Consultation
  • S&P valuations
  • Demoltion Supervision
  • Newbuilding and Conversion Consultancy
  • Ship Inspections
  • Re-Flag services/assistance

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