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Recalls and Rental Cars

Have you ever had the need to replace a defective part on your vehicle due to a recall? Have you ever considered that car rental companies need to replace recalled parts on their vehicles as well? According to an article written by USAToday, the car rental industry is the single largest purchaser of vehicles, and the single largest source of used cars in North America, yet the car rental industry has managed to escape most major regulations that deal with recalled parts on vehicles. Within the article, it is also stated that "documents show that no major auto-rental company fixed all its recalled vehicles within a year. GM documents, for example, show that a year after getting a recall notice about a shift lever indicator problem in 2009 Buick Enclaves, Chevrolet Cobalts and seven other types of vehicles in their fleets, Avis Budget had fixed 35% of them. The documents show that Enterprise fixed 34% of these types of vehicles in their fleets within 30 days after the recall, 52% within 60 days, 62% within 120 days and 74% within a year." Furthermore, this not only applies to the previously mentioned companies, but is in fact an issue for most, if not all, car rental companies.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

When renting a vehicle, inquire about the make and model and ensure that no recalls for that vehicle exist. If there are recalls, inquire with the rental company to see whether all defects were addressed. You can check recall information at For more information about the original article, please refer to the USAToday link below.

Source: USAToday

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