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Electronics in Vehicles

Most of us know what features our cars have—such as power windows or power sockets—and how those features behave; however, many of us may not realize that not all features and components are created equally. For example, some vehicles have 12V power sockets that turn off when the ignition is in the off position, while others have power sockets that remain on—even after the car is turned off. Also, vehicles with multiple power sockets may have some that turn off when the ignition is off, while others remain on—all in the same vehicle!

Seen below are pictures of what resulted from an iPhone charger being left plugged into a 12V power socket for an extended period of time. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Needless to say, perhaps, we should inform ourselves of potential hazards by reading instructional manuals of electronic gadgets and the vehicles that we drive. Moreover, this not only applies to your cars, but also to RVs, Boats, and more.


12V Power-1


12V Power-2


12V Power-3

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