Lee Egland


Lee Egland

Labor Relations Director Seattle, WA

Lee Egland


1.    When did you start your career at Crowley?      

       Started working for Crowley Towing & Transportation in Long Beach, CA, as a shore-based tankerman (SIU member) on August 1, 1978. In 1983, (on my 28th birthday) I was hired as a Petroleum Operations Supervisor in Long Beach, CA. I had my first trip to Seattle in 1984, in support of the new MSC contract involving outfitting and crew training for the tug Seneca and barge 255 contracted to haul jet fuel to military installations between Japan and Korea. In 1986, I was promoted to Manager Petroleum Operations in Long Beach, CA.  Responsible for 14 bunker barges and supporting 450 series petroleum barges calling on the LA/LGB harbor. I also supervised over 110 shore based tankerman at the height of operations. I was promoted to Director Petroleum Operations in 1988, and transferred to Seattle. Later, I transferred to Director Loss Control and Emergency Response in 1991 where I was responsible for Safety, Training and emergency response. In 2002, I joined the Labor Relations department.

Some of my accomplishments were developing the company’s 1st oil spill contingency plans following OPA 90 (Exxon Valdez).  Included implementing Incident Command System training throughout the company that is used for managing oil spill emergencies and various types of internal and external projects. Received the first OPA 90 alterative compliance approval, issued by the USCG in the United States, for our petroleum operations in AK.

In 1991, two weeks after the end of Gulf war (Desert Storm), spent 59-days in Saudi Arabia in support of the oil spill cleanup efforts caused by the destruction of oil-wells in Kuwait. In 1994, I was honored the Thomas Crowley Trophy.  In 2002, I was recognized by the Alaska State Legislature for the many years of service for improving the oil spill response capability in the state of Alaska. 

2.    What has surprised you most about working for Crowley?         

       All of the different job opportunities I have had while working for Crowley. This has allowed me to experience many different types of operations and business units which gave me opportunities to travel all over the world.  

3.    Why did you choose to work for Crowley? 

       I was recruited to work for a new Crowley start-up company because of my previous experience.

4.    What is the one thing you appreciate most about working here?

       Crowley has provided a very secure and comfortable livelihood for myself and family over my many years, 35 plus, of service.

5.    What do you do in your job?

      I handle Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations, support managers (shore side and vessel) in addressing employee poor job performance, CBA interpolation, Grievance resolution, investigate all types of employee complaints, developed and provided training, companywide, on “Improving Performance in the Marine Environment”.

6.    What’s the coolest aspect of your position?

       The opportunity to work with many different business units and all levels of management and unionized employees.         

7.    What’s important to you outside of work?

       Spending time with my family (wife of 25 years and 4-children ages 22, 20, 18 and 16).  I enjoy water sports and golf, for which I am not very good at!  I am the Co-Chairman of 2 multiemployer Health and Pension Trust's that provide benefits for our unionized employees.  I am also the V.P. of the Issaquah Lacrosse Club Board of Directors.