Ken Black


Ken Black

General Manager Miami, Florida

Ken Black

1.   When did you start your career at Crowley? 

      I started with Crowley in 2001 as a Logistics Analyst. In 2003, I moved into the role of Manager Logistics with the CLI Jacksonville NVO group. Additional roles were added in 2006 for managing the Jacksonville Warehouse. In 2008, I moved back into a more supportive role as Director of Logistics which supports engineering and process management. In 2013, I became General Manager, Logistics in support of the CLI NVO and Crowley Fresh Miami operation.

 2.   What has surprised you most about working for Crowley?

       The diverse business lines and services that make up the company is what surprises me the most.  When you try to tell people about all the amazing things we do as a company, it surprises people that may only be familiar with our liner and logistics services.

 3.   Why did you choose to work for Crowley?  (Tell us the path that leads you to Crowley)

       After my time in the USMC had come to an end, my Wife and I always had a plan for getting back to Jacksonville and for myself to work in the Logistics Industry. My educational background was in Computer Science and I had worked in that field for a couple of years.  As systems and Logistics were becoming more integrated I really started to focus on getting a job in Transportation and Logistics where I could use my combination of both expertise. I joined CTI (currently CEVA LOGISTICS) as a contract analyst for CSX and Union Pacific but Crowley had always been talked about by people as a great company to work for. So then in late 2000, I took the opportunity to apply for a position with the newly formed Crowley Logistics Division. 

4.   What is the one thing you appreciate most about working here?

      The "can do" attitude and the empowerment that each employee brings to make things better for our customers and our workplace.

5.   What do you do in your job?

      Currently I work with a great group of logistics professionals in our Miami Gateway office responsible for providing NVO Consolidation and Warehousing services. While my day-to-day focus is mostly operational as our sales groups are becoming more integrated, I get to be very involved with the commercial side of the business as well.

6.   What’s the coolest aspect of your position?

      Just getting to know more about different areas and markets of the logistics business such as Crowley Fresh and the entire perishable supply chain. I have learned a lot from our teams and feel that we are making an impact in the local Miami market which is really fun to watch and be a part of.

7.   What’s important to you outside of work? 

      My kids are number one.  I have one of my kids at the University of Florida and 2 still at home. All my kids are very musical so it is always great being home hearing them practice or going to events to hear them perform. As a long time Type I Diabetic I am currently wrapping up my time as a Chapter Board Member for JDRF but will always continue to support them in the South Florida area. I am also an avid tennis player playing 2 to 3 times a week.