Jennifer Morales - Student Spotlight


Jennifer Morales - Student Spotlight

Logistics Manager Jacksonville - Warehouse


Jennifer Morales Picture

1.   What was your overall experience through our part time student program? Did you work in more than one department?   

       I only worked under the Equipment Control Department which is where I gained my overall experience.

 2.   What about your part time student position did you find most valuable?

       Being that I was majoring in Transportation/Logistics I found my part time student position with Crowley valuable because I was able to relate my work experience to subjects I was learning in school.  This allowed me to excel. 

 3.   What were the opportunities you gained after graduation? 

       I believe I gained my work experience through Crowley after graduation.

 4.   What is the one thing you would want other students to know about this program?

      I would want other students to know that it is a great program to be in, not only to learn about the transportation/logistics industry but to gain exciting experience that challenges you as a professional.

5.    When did you start your career at Crowley? 

       I started with Crowley in May 2008 as a part-time Equipment Control Coordinator while attending the University of North Florida (UNF).  After graduation, I was offered a full time Equipment Control Coordinator position. Sustaining this position up until August 2010, Crowley offered another opportunity to work as a Logistics Supervisor in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.  Working in St. Croix for two years, is what drove me to my current location as the Logistics Manager.   

6.     What has surprised you most about working for Crowley?

       The opportunity for continuous learning and excitement in the completion of daily tasks has surprised me the most about working with Crowley.  Every day has a new challenge.  We develop our critical thinking skills, knowledge and method of resolutions from the difficulty experienced in situations.  It becomes a motivator to accept new challenges.  

7.     Why did you choose to work for Crowley? 

        I chose to work for Crowley because of the strong corporate culture and longevity of personnel.  Crowley has a great reputation for the unremitting corporate culture.  I noticed passion for Crowley culture while being interviewed for my first position by Human Resources. 

8.     What is the one thing you appreciate most about working here?

       The opportunities for growth and learning are what I appreciate the most about Crowley.  I have been very fortunate to move into various roles within 5 years.  All positions were very different from the next.  They have also made me a better rounded employee able to speak to multiple areas of the business. 

9.     What’s the coolest aspect of your position?

       The coolest aspect of my position is the opportunity to see the operations happen live.  We work hard in preparing the quotes, filing documentation, notifying all the proper parties of process flows and ensuring cargo pick-ups/deliveries are scheduled.  As a result of our work, too see the freight arrive at the warehouse and successfully loading into its corresponding equipment is a great feeling. Another self gratifying feeling is that knowing we, (Crowley) can offer various services to a customer in order to satisfy their full shipping needs.  

10.    What’s important to you outside of work?

        Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family.  My family has always been supportive and encouraged me to keep on reaching for new avenues for learning.  I practice flag football with my sister, movies with dad, shopping with mom and art festivals with Nana (my grandmother who refuses to be called grandma).