Doug Walker


Doug Walker

Port Operations Director Jacksonville - Terminal

Doug Walker


1.   When did you start your career at Crowley? 

-       I was hired in 1996 as an Operations Supervisor, reporting to Bob Weist.

2.   What has surprised you most about working for Crowley?

-       The fluid nature of the business and how the company reschedules its work to optimize revenue, right up to the day of sailing with the Barge Fleet

3. Why did you choose to work for Crowley?

-       After graduating the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1995 with a systems degree in marine engineering, I settled in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, working for a Fuel Marketing terminal and later a Union mariner school.  After about a year, I put my name in up at the USMMA , Kings Point, NY onboard education career center, for openings in the state of Florida in early 1996. My job at the time was an engineering simulator operator for the AMO union in Dania, FL.  I was contacted by Zoraida Jirau at that time recruiting for stevedore supervisors at the CAT (Crowley American Transport )  combination Ro/Ro, Lo/Lo, PEV Terminal. Decision was based on opportunity for growth and the solid reputation the company had as a leader in the domestic maritime industry

4.   What is the one thing you appreciate most about working here?

-       One thing I appreciate the most about Crowley are the high performers who show loyalty over time and the recognition given from the organization.

 5.  What do you do in your job?

-       I assist with the organization in communication of weekly terminal & vessel events.  Schedules are constantly changing and having to be updated throughout all departments which dependent on up to date and accurate information. We manage labor, vessel cargo operations, and specific customer’s needs as well as for intermodal, traffic, equipment control, and maintenance departments. The requests have to be directed to the right people at the right time, and given adequate priority to accomplish. I like to think the Term Ops team is operating at a higher level as a result of our collective efforts.

6.  What is the coolest aspect of your position?

-       Coolest aspect of my job is “a little bit of everything”.  Time flies when there is never a dull moment, and I am frequently met with unique challenges for which there is no guidebook. We have to overcome a lot working within an aging infrastructure. Our priority is that we must keep it functional for ongoing operations that can run many long hours at a time. . Very little redundancy on our end.

7.  What’s important to you outside of work? 

-    The greatest enjoyment I get is from my wife and children. I have a 14 year old daughter named Mackenzie is very active in club and varsity soccer, and is in 9th grade at Atlantic Coast High School. I have a 12 year old son named Evan who is also very active in soccer. None of our collective success would be possible without the love of my life, Michelle, who sees to all aspects of life, “non-barge” related. We all enjoy time with our friends from church, our back yard pool, and our new addition “Roxie” the “Vicious 7 lb Yorkie”. We consider ourselves fortunate and blessed for the life we have in Jacksonville.