Momodou Sallah

Assistant Treasurer

Located in Jacksonville, FL

Momodou Sallah

Sallah joined Crowley in 1999 as a senior treasury analyst in Oakland, California, and was responsible for review of lease contracts, lease database administration, debt and lease payments and the administration of letters of credit. In late 2005 he relocated to Jacksonville and was promoted to assistant treasurer in 2006.

Prior to joining Crowley, Sallah served as finance manager at Spear Technologies, and held various roles in finance and accounting at Tenera, Inc., in San Francisco, Calif. He has a Bachelor of Science in political economy from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Masters in Business Administration in finance from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California.

Responsibilities include:
Oversight of Crowley’s cash-management function, including cash custody, the cash-transfer process, foreign currency exchanges, cash disbursement, global-location funding and sweeps, and bank relations; short-term cash forecasting; excess cash investments; revolving credit-line borrowing; letters of credit and bank guarantees; the administration of Crowley’s Title-XI funding and involvement in the negotiations, organization, documentation, review and execution of various financing of debt and leases

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