Bruce Love

Corporate Counsel, Assistant Corporate Secretary

Located in Jacksonville, FL

Bruce Love

Love joined Crowley in 1983 as contract counsel in San Francisco. He was promoted to corporate counsel in 1987 and then to corporate secretary in 2000. Prior to Crowley, Love worked for the Federal Maritime Commission, first as a hearings attorney then as an appeals attorney, before moving to Lillick, McHose & Charles as an associate practicing in the federal regulatory and administrative law areas with an emphasis on maritime and overland transportation.

After receiving a business degree from the University of Texas he received his Juris Doctor from the Southern Methodist University School of Law located in Dallas, Texas. He is a member of the California bar.

Responsibilities include:
A wide array of legal matters, including contracts (especially IT-related), real property and environmental, as well as corporate governance matters for the principal corporations and most of their subsidiaries.

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